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Merger thresholds

Bulgaria has been added to the merger control guide at Mergerfilers
We are happy to announce that PPG Lawyers has agreed to participate as National Expert for Bulgaria. View the full guide for Bulgaria in the Merger Control Guide.
Advocate General opinion casting doubt on Article 22 referrals
Advocate General Emiliou suggests that the Court of Justice of the European Union sets aside the General Court’s judgment of 13 July 2022 and annuls the Commission's decision of 19 April 2021 accepting an article 22 referral of the Illumina-Grail merger to the Commission.
Proposed call-in regime in Denmark
A call-in procedure for mergers involving parties with a combined turnover in Denmark as low as 50 MDKK may apply in Denmark from 1 July 2024. Check out the merger control guide for Denmark for further details on the proposed changes.
Conference - Informa Connect: CompLaw: FDI Regimes & Foreign Subsidies Regulation
Join us in Brussels 14 May 2024 for a review of how the Foreign Subsidies Regulation and foreign direct investment regimes are working in practice to help you shape your M&A strategy and ensure you stay compliant.
E+H Rechtsanwälte GmbH - National Expert for Austria
We are happy to announce that E+H Rechtsanwälte GmbH has agreed to participate as National Expert for Austria.
Conference - Informa Connect - CompLaw: Advanced EU, London
Join us in London 24-25 April 2024 for the definitive review of European competition law. Now in its 33rd year. Dissect current policies and shape successful strategies by hearing from regulators, in-house counsel, lawyers and economists.
Conference: EU Merger Regulation 139/2004: 20 Years that Made a Difference
Join us in Brussels 18 April 2024 for the European Commission's conference EU Merger Regulation 139/2004: 20 Years that Made a Difference
Conference - Informa Connect: CompLaw: Nordic, Stockholm
Join us in Stockholm 13-14 March 2024 and hear directly from all the Nordic NCAs, the European Commission, leading in-house counsel and specialised advisors - 60 speakers in total! Understand how competition law is developing and shape practical strategies.
Ukraine - amended merger control rules
By Sergey Denisenko, Partner; Mariya Nizhnik, Partner; Anna Litvinova, Senior Associate; and Yevgen Blok, Senior Associate (Aequo)
Argentina - proposed changes to merger control regime
In Argentina, a bill to reform the Defence of Competition Act is being discussed in the Congress, which (i) creates new competition authorities, (ii) brings forward the entry into force of the ex-ante regime, (iii) introduces new exemptions to the duty to notify and modifies others, and (iv) further increases of the value for the mobile unit deciding i.a. the turnover thresholds.  
Amendments to Romanian competition and foreign investment regulations
By Oana Busca and Carmen Peli (PeliPartners)
Swedish FDI regulation entered into force on 1 December 2023
Kastell has provided the details in topic 6 of the merger filing guide.
Conference – Informa Connect: Advanced EU Competition Law, Brussels
Join us in Brussels 20-22 November 2023 for Informa Connect's annual Advanced EU Competition Law conference.
SRS Legal - national expert for Portugal
SRS Legal has accepted the role as national expert for Portugal at Mergerfilers. 
Vial Larraín Femenías - national expert for Chile
Vial Larrain Femenias has accepted the role as national expert for Chile at Mergerfilers.
Lear Competition Festival 26-29 September in Rome
This year's Lear Competition Festival takes place in Rome 26-29 September. Mergerfilers is hosting a session on 28 September featuring renowned experts Björn Herbers (CMS Brussels), Franziska Rupp-Solaroli (European Commission), and Joanna Lenart (A.P. Moller - Maersk). They will discuss the European Commission’s and national competition authorities' efforts to bridge perceived enforcement gaps in merger control through EUMR Article 22 referrals and application of the prohibition of abusive conduct (TFEU Article 102) to mergers. The panel will also explore ways to improve deal certainty and reduce transaction delays.
Schönherr - National expert for North Macedonia
North Macedonia is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Schönherr.
Australian government embarks on major competition policy review
By Melissa Fraser, Partner; Tihana Zuk, Partner; Angie Ng, Partner; and Amanda Tesvic, Expert Counsel (Ashurst)
Conference – Informa Connect: Competition Law in the Digital Era
Discover how you can comply with the new regulations and policies, including DMA implementation and new acts such as the DSA, DMCC, Data and AI Acts. Join us in Brussels on 19 October.
FDI regime in the Slovak Republic
The Slovak FDI Act entered into force in March 2023. It has already been amended once and now the Ministry of Economy has published important guidance on voluntary filings. Havel & Partners have provided updated information on the FDI regime in topic 6 of the Guide at Mergerfilers. 
Conference - informa connect: EU Merger Control
Join us on 28 September 2023 at Le Châtelain Hotel in Brussels at Informa Connect’s EU Merger Control conference. Hear from policy makers, in-house counsel and top legal minds from across Europe and get an update on key topics such as: the implications of recent merger control decisions, procedural developments, remedies and theories of harm in non-horizontal mergers, mergers in digital markets and foreign subsidies regulation.
FDI regime in Romania extended to EU investors
As of 10 June 2023 the FDI regulation in Romania has been extended to cover EU investors. See further details in topic 6 of the Merger Control Guide for Romania.
Amendment to the Danish FDI regime
1 July 2023 an amendment to the Danish Investment Screening Act entered into force. The amendment introduces a new two-phase procedure for notifications, and extends the scope of the Danish Investment Screening Act, so that contracts relating to the construction, joint ownership and operation of the contemplated Danish Energy Island in the North Sea will be subject to filing and approval according to the Danish Investment Screening Act. 
Uría Menéndez national expert for Spain
Uría Menéndez has accepted the role as national expert for Spain at Mergerfilers.
The Dutch FDI regime entered into force today
The Dutch FDI regime entered into force today with retroactive effect from 8 September 2020. Van Doorne has explained the rules in topic 6 in the Guide at Mergerfilers.
Argentina - New merger control procedures
On June 17 new regulations for the notification of transactions entered into force in Argentina. The new regulations establish a pre-notification procedure, and provide for two types of notification procedures: the Abbreviated procedure -PROSUM- and the Ordinary procedure, implementing new notification forms for each procedure. The changes are implemented in the guide for Argentina at Mergerfilers.
Ferrere - National expert for Bolivia
Bolivia is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Ferrere
Conference - informa connect: FDI & Foreign Subsidies Regulation
Join us on 27 June 2023 in Brussels for the informa connect: FDI & Foreign Subsidies Regulation conference. Hear from policy makers, in-house counsel and top legal minds from across Europe and gain insight to help you shape your M&A strategy and learn how to navigate foreign direct investment regimes.
Revision of the EU merger control procedural rules adopted: the arrival of the super-simplified procedure and other key take aways
By Christoff Soltau and Dr Bjoern Herbers (CMS Hasche Sigle)
Australia: ACCC Chair provides important new details on proposed shake-up of merger control laws
By Alyssa Phillips, Partner; Peter Armitage, Partner; John McKellar, Senior Associate; and Zoe Huang, Graduate (Ashurst)
From the catchment area to the relevant market - A model of geographic market definition on critical loss analysis
By Lear
Merger control review below filing thresholds – the ECJ Towercast judgment adds one more arrow to the quiver
By Christoff Soltau and Dr Björn Herbers (CMS Hasche Sigle)
New higher and lower filing fees in the US
As per 27 February 2023, filing fees in the US have been significantly increased for large transactions, whereas there is a small reduction of fees for the smallest transactions. Filing fees can be seen in topic 36 in the Guide for the US.
New Appropriations Bill Reforms Antitrust Laws and Modifies HSR Fees
By Paul S. Jin, Kara Kuritz, Simone Waterbury, Kevin Walsh and Whitney Williams (Goodwin)
Merger control statistics - Australia 2021-22
By Amanda Tesvic, Roderick Kennedy and Alyssa Phillips (Ashurst)
Conference - GCR Live: Global Merger Control 2022
Join us on 19 October 2022 at the Hilton Brussels Grand Place for GCR Live: Global Merger Control 2022 - covering recent developments in merger control review across the globe. Speakers, including regional and national government officials from key jurisdictions, private practice lawyers, economists and company representatives, analyse developing theories of harm across markets in our digital age, the question of the viability of remedies as perceived by different authorities, jurisdictional and procedural challenges in mergers and the ever-evolving role of economic evidence in addressing novel theories of harm.
Dutch courts reject public interest claim in merger case (updated)
By Nina Korstenbroek and Sarah Beeston (Van Doorne N.V.)
CBb upholds approval decision by ACM after annulment by the District Court of Rotterdam
By Nina Korstenbroek and Sarah Beeston (Van Doorne N.V.)
Lear Competition Festival 21-23 September
Mergerfilers is co-sponsoring this year’s Lear Competition Festival in Rome, 21-23 September. The festival brings together stakeholders of the antitrust community, and experts from a variety of backgrounds addressing a range of very interesting competition law and economics topics. Click here to find the full agenda and registration form.
Peru: draft Guidelines for the qualification and analysis of merger transactions published
Indecopi has published draft Guidelines for the qualification and analysis of merger transactions.
EU's General Court confirms Commission's new merger referral policy in Illumina/Grail case
By Björn Herbers and Christoff Henrik Soltau (CMS Hasche Sigle)
Ten key takeaways of the draft revision for the EU merger control procedure
By Dr Björn Herbers (CMS, Brussels) and Christoff Henrik Soltau (CMS, Germany)
Merger control statistics - Australia 2020-21
By Roderick Kennedy, Amanda Tesvic and Alyssa Phillips (Ashurst)
New thresholds etc. in Turkey
With effect from 4 May 2022, merger regulations have been amended in Turkey, including significantly higher thresholds for merger filing - and a list of industries for which the thresholds are not fully applicable. 
New thresholds in Israel
New (higher) turnover thresholds for merger notifications have now entered into force in Israel.  Also note that a new notification form will apply as of 20 May 2022. From this date there will no longer be a simplified notification form available.
New significantly higher merger filing thresholds in Turkey
Merger regulations have been amended in Turkey, including significantly higher thresholds for merger filing - and a list of industries for which the thresholds are not fully applicable.  The changes apply from 4 May 2022.  The relevant changes are indicated in red boxes in the Merger Filing Guide.
Hamel-Smith - National Expert for Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad & Tobago is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Hamel-Smith. 
Updated US merger filing thresholds
Merger filing thresholds and thresholds for filing fees in the US have been updated - applicable as of 23 February 2022.
Díez Canseco Competencia & PI - National Expert for Peru
Peru has been added to the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Díez Canseco Competencia & PI.
India – A snapshot of merger control status and statistics – November 2021
By Anshuman Sakle and Aakriti Thakur, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
Vouga Abogados - National Expert for Paraguay
Paraguay is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Vouga Abogados. 
General Court backs European Commission in Altice gun jumping case – confirming strict standard for standstill obligation
The General Court dismissed Altice's action against the European Commission's 2018 decision imposing two fines totalling EUR 124.5 million for "gun jumping" in connection with Altice's acquisition of PT Portugal, confirming the Commission's findings regarding the infringements and only correcting the amount of the fine by 10%. The judgment provides important clarifications regarding the interpretation and the application of the notification obligation and the standstill obligation for transactions subject to EU merger control.
New domestic turnover threshold in Austria
In Austria, major changes to the Cartel and Competition Act have been adopted. The changes include 1) a new domestic turnover threshold, 2) introduction of the SIEC test and 3) an increase of the filing fee. These three amendments will only have effect from 31 December 2021 (whereas it was previously unclear whether this will also be the case for the new domestic turnover threshold, the Austrian Competition Authority now has taken the view that this second domestic turnover threshold will only apply to concentrations implemented after 31 December 2021). The new domestic turnover threshold will reduce the number of filings necessary in Austria. 
Revision of proposed FDI regime in the Netherlands
The draft Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regulation presented by the Dutch government last year has, following significant criticism, been amended. The revised proposal has now been published. National experts, Van Doorne, have reviewed this new proposal. Their summary is now available in the FDI section at MergerFilers.
A general FDI regime came into force today in Denmark
The Danish FDI regime applies for any investments etc. completed on or after 1 September 2021. Accura has provided details on the rules in the Foreign Investment section. The Danish FDI regime is likely to apply to a broad range of investments.
Esguerra - National Expert for Colombia
Colombia is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos. 
EU merger control regardless of thresholds - Article 22 referrals
By Dr Bjoern Herbers (CMS, Brussels) and Christoff Henrik Soltau (CMS, Germany)
Misleading information provided by merging parties
The European Commission’s recent EUR 7.5 million fine issued to Sigma-Aldrich  for providing misleading information during the Merck/Sigma-Aldrich merger control proceedings is a reminder for all parties in merger cases of the importance of providing competition authorities with complete and accurate information
BBA//Fjeldco - National Expert for Iceland
Iceland is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by BBA//Fjeldco. 
The Netherlands - Merger control status and statistics 2019-2020
By Sarah Beeston and Cihan Erdogan (Van Doorne)
Argentina - Merger control status and statistics - May 2021
By Luis Barry, Carolina Abdelnabe Vila, Clara Rodríguez Llanos and Sonia Del Regno (Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen)
Dutch Court annuls approval of merger
By Sarah Beeston and Femke Beelen (Van Doorne)
Adjustment of thresholds etc. in Kazakhstan
In Kazakhstan, a set of changes to competition regulation and policy is being introduced. As part of these changes, the Competition authority has been restructured resulting in creation of the Agency which, unlike the Committee that it replaces, is an independent body directly subordinated to, and accountable for, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This change makes the Competition authority’s structure in line with the requirements and recommendations of OECD. Please also note that the turnover thresholds have been amended following the yearly review of the basis for its calculation. Zan Hub has provided the up-date. See the full guide for Kazakhstan here.
Decrease of size-of-target threshold in Canada
In Canada, the size-of-target merger filing threshold has been decreased from 96 to 93 million CAD as a consequence of the yearly review of the threshold based on GDP.  Update provided by Stikeman Elliott.
Adjustment of merger filing thresholds in Argentina
In Argentina, the merger filing thresholds have been increased as a consequence of the yearly review of the thresholds. You can find the thresholds under topic 14 in the merger control guide. Update provided by Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen.
Meitar Law Offices - National Expert for Israel
Israel is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Meitar Law Offices. 
Ketler & Partners - National Expert for Slovenia
Slovenia is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Ketler & Partners - member of Karanovic. 
Mishcon de Reya - National Expert for the UK
The United Kingdom is now included in the Merger Filing Guide - Content has been provided by Mishcon de Reya. 

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16/05/2024 European Union (EU)
DECISION M.10921: Nordic Seed Germany GmbH - Agravis Pflanzenbau Holding GmbH - Nordic Seed A/S (controlled by Danish Agro a.m.b.a)
The European Commission unconditionally approved the acquisition of joint control of Nordic Seed Germany GmbH (NSG) by Agravis Pflanzenbau Holding GmbH and Nordic Seed A/S (controlled by Danish Agro a.m.b.a). Prior to the transaction NSG was und ...
19/04/2024 Greece
DECISION 845/2024: HELLENIC HEALTHCARE HOLDING 3 (CYPRUS) LIMITED - P.L. University of Nicosia - University of Nicosia Greece Branch Medical Limited - VANES Limited
The Hellenic Competition Commission ("HCC") unanimously approved the proposed acquisition of joint control over (a) the company under incorporation 'University of Nicosia Greece Branch Medical Limited' and (b) the company 'VANES ...
Lambadarios Law Firm
24/04/2024 Denmark
DECISION 23/05927: Kingspan Insulation Aps - TreeTops Holding ApS
The Danish Competition Council approved Kingspan Insulation ApS' acquisition of TreeTops Holding ApS. Kingspan Insulation ApS is a subsidiary of the Kingspan Group, which has worldwide operations in products for the construction indu ...
26/03/2024 Canada
Decision CT-2024-001: Béton Provincial - CRH's concrete operations
The Competition Bureau announced that it has entered into a consent agreement with Béton Provincial to address competition concerns from its acquisition of the Québec-based concrete operations of CRH Canada Group Inc. (CRH). ...
Stikeman Elliott
17/04/2024 Brazil
DECISION in Merger Case No. 08700.003198/2023-01: Knauf do Brasil Ltda. - Trevo Industrial de Acartonados S.A.
The transaction between Knauf do Brasil Ltda. (“Knauf”) and Trevo Industrial de Acartonados S.A. (“Trevo”) was prohibited by CADE’s Administrative Tribunal in a full-form procedure. Knauf is mainly active in Brazil in ...
Pinheiro Neto
15/04/2024 European Union (EU)
DECISION M.11288: Capri Holdings Limited - Tapestry Inc
The European Commission unconditionally approved the acquisition of sole control of UK based Capri Holdings Limited by US based Tapestry Inc.  Tapestry is a luxury fashion group consisting of three brands: Coach, Kate Spade New York and Stuar ...
12/04/2024 European Union (EU)
DECISION M.10939: Illumina - GRAIL (Approval of divestment plan)
The European Commission approved Illumina's plan to divest GRAIL following restorative measures imposed by the Commission that required Illumina to unwind its completed acquisition of GRAIL. Illumina, headquartere ...
14/09/2023 Turkey
DECISION 23-43/820-291: Acquisition of four stores of Elbin Gida Insaat Tekstil Hayvancilik Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi by Migros Ticaret AS
The transaction concerned the acquisition of sole control over four stores of Elbin Gıda İnşaat Tekstil Hayvancılık Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi (“Erfa”) in Bilecik by Migros Ticaret A.Ş. (“Migros”). The transaction was n ...
ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law
2/04/2024 European Union (EU)
The notification of Open Pass Limited’s acquisition of Fortenova Group MidCo B.V. was withdrawn. Open Pass is part of a group active in the wholesale of fresh fruits and vegetables, non-perishable fruit and vegetables products and non-f ...
14/03/2024 Spain
The CNMC approved the acquisition of medical assets of the B. Braun Group by Boston Scientific Corporation (BSC) in first phase, subject to the commitment to refrain from tying the public and private procurement of the newly acquired products to the ...
Uría Menéndez
20/03/2024 Spain
The CNMC approved the acquisition of World Padel Tour (WPT) by Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) in first phase, subject to the commitment to ensure the freedom of players to participate in other competitions. The acquisition concerns two of the most ...
Uría Menéndez
26/02/2024 United States
FTC Challenges Kroger's Proposed Acquisition of Albertsons
On February 26, 2024, the FTC issued an administrative complaint and authorized a lawsuit in federal court blocking Kroger Company’s acquisition of Albertsons Companies, Inc., the “largest proposed supermarket merger in U.S. history,&rdqu ...
4/03/2024 United States
JetBlue and Spirit Airlines terminate transaction following District Court loss
In March 2023, the Justice Department (DOJ), along with six other states and the District of Columbia, sued to block JetBlue Airways Corporation’s (JetBlue) $3.8 billion dollar acquisition of Spirit Airlines Inc. (Spirit) under Section 7 of the ...
25/03/2024 European Union (EU)
DECISION M.11382: Trimble Solutions LLC - AGCO Corporation - Trimble Inc.
The European Commission unconditionally approved the creation of a joint venture, Trimble Solutions LLC, by US based AGCO Corporation and Trimble Inc. AGCO is a global manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment and related software sol ...
21/03/2024 European Union (EU)
ADVOCATE GENERAL'S OPINION: Joined Cases C-611/22 P - Illumina v. Commission and C-625/22 P Grail v. Commission and Illumina
Advocate General Emiliou found that the General Court erred in its interpretation of Article 22 of the EU Merger Regulation when it came to the conclusion that a "literal, historical, contextual and teleological" interpretation of ...
1/03/2024 Greece
The Hellenic Compeition Commission (HCC) unanimously approved the proposed acquisition of joint control over 1904 SA by FOODCORP INVESTMENTS SA and GRIGORIS AICC.  1904 SA’s main business activity was the reconstruction and 20 ...
Lambadarios Law Firm
5/03/2024 Greece
The Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) unanimously approved the proposed acquisition of sole control over DIXONS SOUTH-EAST EUROPE SA by the PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION SA (PCC).  PPC was active in the production and supply of elect ...
Lambadarios Law Firm
14/03/2024 European Union (EU)
DECISION M.11485 (Article 22 referral): Boissons Heintz - Brasserie Nationale
The European Commission accepted an Article 22 referral from Luxembourg of the acquisition of Boissons Heintz by Brasserie Nationale. Boissons Heintz and Brasserie Nationale were both based in Luxembourg and involved in the wholesale distribution ...
15/03/2024 European Union (EU)
DECISION M.11309: Kingspan Holdings Ireland Limited - Nordic Waterproofing Holding AB
The European Commission unconditionally approved Kingspan Holdings Ireland Limited’s acquisition of sole control of Nordic Waterproofing Holding AB. Kingspan, headquartered in Ireland, was active within roofing and waterproofing membranes, w ...
19/03/2024 European Union (EU)
The European Commission issued a Statement of Objections stating that Kingspan intentionally, or negligently, provided incorrect, incomplete and misleading information during the 2021 the Commission's investigation of Kingspan's pla ...

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